Our founding and Lead Pastor, Brandon May is a visionary leader who loves the community of Augusta. Being a native of the Augusta area, Brandon grew up the son of a local landscaping small business owner. In the early years of his child hood, Jesus saved Brandon and as a high school student he devoted his life to spread the news of Jesus through the local church. In 2003, he moved to Jacksonville, FL where he received his degree in Church Ministries from Trinity Baptist College. During his time in Jacksonville, he met a girl named Brittany and they were later married in 2010. Two years later they had their first child and began preparations to move back to Augusta. At ages 29 and 27, Brandon and Brittany started Illuminate Church in a living room while both were working full time jobs and expecting their second child. Today, Illuminate Church meets publicly and Pastor Brandon teaches with a vision to to reach as many people as possible with the life-changing message of Jesus.